Shoe Labels

$19.99 /pk of 28
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  • available with found-it™

  • no scuffing or tearing

  • weatherproof

  • won't fade

These Shoe Labels come in left and right foot shapes to help kids put on their own shoes correctly. And, to prove that they're durable, we had NFL quarterback Peyton Manning stick a pair into his shoes right before a game... Nah, not really. Take our word for it though; we promise your kids will wear out (or outgrow) their shoes before they wear out our Shoe Labels.

Our super-durable name labels for shoes are completely waterproof, scuff-proof and designed to withstand even the hottest, sweatiest, most active feet.

Shoe Labels are also available in:
Preschool Package, Clothing Package, Camp Package, School Package
  • sandals
  • running shoes
  • flip-flops
  • boots
  • slippers
  • sporting footwear
  • size: 2" x 1" | 50mm x 26mm
  • available with Found-it™
  • comes in left and right foot shapes to help kids put their shoes on independently
  • high-performance vinyl
  • waterproof
  • weatherproof
  • super-strong adhesive
  • high quality, full-color printing
  • scuff-proof
  • tear-resistant


  1. Peel and stick to clean, dry, insoles of shoes.
  2. Smooth down to ensure strong contact.

These labels are not a toy and should be applied by an adult or under adult supervision.

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Lots of designs and label shape options. Been having problems getting labels to stay on my son's water bottles for sports so the waterproof labels should be perfect.
I absolutely love these labels !
Great product!
Love Oliver's Labels! They are tough and durable. I can leave my daughter's lunch containers soaking in water and the labels don't peel/rub off. I love the found-it code, so I don't have to advertise my kids' names and addresses all over their stuff. The clothing labels stay put through the wash, and the shoe labels have quelled many school arguments over whose shoes are whose! And the growth charts are just fantastic! Plus, great customer service when I have questions.
So easy, and such awesome options! I love the visualization and customization features! Thank you!
These labels are cute and stick to everything! I have never had a label peel off.
Very easy process from picking labels, choosing design, and checking out.
Excellent product and always good service. Leave this part out of the website- I did put in the CyBER2016 - but it seemed to have been automatically applied - am I correct about this ?
This is my 5th or 6th order through your company. Love the products. They last a long time. You should a have a loyalty rewards program for customers like me!!
These labels are fantastic!! This is my third purchase. Perfect for back to school and sports activities. You pay for top quality, but these are flawless and will last the entire school year and longer.
J'adore utiliser Oliver`s Labels. Mes enfants adorent recevoir les etiquettes et voir les petits pieds (etiquettes pour chaussures) que je leur ai commandé. Très bon service, facile à utiliser. Merci!
best labels, great quality!
love the shoe labels!! and the kids love seeing their name in their shoes.
Love these labels! With the easy to use menu and options for previewing the beautiful designs and fonts makes ordering fun and simple!
J'achète les étiquettes Oliver depuis plusieurs années. Tellement mignonnes!
We LOVE Oliver's Labels! So easy to label all our kindergartner's things and the labels are reliable and won't come off easily so we know they're secure. It's easy to identify her items in the lost and found, that's for sure!
love the Found It feature, as my kids seem to have a "Lose It" feature...